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Donate a Stuffed Animal to a Child in need

Donate a Stuffed Animal to a Child in need

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I have Exciting news 🎉Our Donation program was so successful at Christmas, I have promised to keep it going!

We love giving back and thought you might want to help!!  I have been working on a Donation program and am teaming up with a local nonprofit, that is an advocate for kids in the Foster Care community, Prokids  to make it happen!

I hear all the time, “I wish I had someone to buy this for!” 
So it made me think, I know there are kids that would love a Happy Groundhog Studio, Happy Critter, now I will make that match happen!

Then: I will make the very special stuffie, I’ll put a note in the stuffed animal’s pocket telling the child how much they are loved and worthy of a good life and have it delivered.

So please donate and so we can help make gifting more special with a unique Handmade Stuffie. This round of donations will head to the “Birthday Closet” used for birthdays or even when a kiddo just needs a little pick me up gift! 

All you have to do is donate. You can donate as little as $5 or $10 but $25 will buy 1 donated stuffed animal. So give what you can, and I’ll will keep updating the amount we are able to give! 


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Customer Reviews

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Pamela Bonomini

This was a wonderful gesture, will donate every year!

Jenny Bolhofner

Melissa not only has incredible talent and craftsmanship, but also a huge heart for giving back to the community with donations. Thank you!